Folger Dowland Manuscript

My Lord of Oxford’s Galliard [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 04
This short galliard is one of the pieces in the manuscript that is probably not by Dowland. For this arrangement I have revoiced some of the chords and raised the repeated G in bar 25 one octave.

The Hendar Roberts Lute Book is an English source containing 17th century French music, of which this anonymous Chacone is fairly representative:

Chacone [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 08

Hirsch Lute Book

Ground [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 05
A nice set of divisions over a ground bass though, though not typical of the genre. Many such pieces from this period construct divisions (variations) over a strictly repeated sequence of bass notes. In this piece the descending bass figure (D C B flat A) is itself varied and threaded in among other material.

Fantasy 51 [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 06
A direct transcription of this piece would put it in the key of E major. In this arrangement I have chosen to raise it to A major; in doing this I have dropped the lower part by an octave in many passages.

Fantasy 29 [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 06

Galliard 7 [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 05

Galliard 11 [PDF] [MXL] [MIDI] Grade 06

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