LUTE SOURCES (including sources of bandora music)

The following pages list some of the primary sources (manuscript and printed) from which the music I have arranged is derived. Increasingly I try to get as close as I can to primary sources (a task that is becoming easier as more manuscript facsimiles are becoming available as physical publications or on the internet). Quite a lot of the arrangements are from secondary sources (modern transcriptions of the tablature or modern editions). Many of the modern sources I have used are included in the References section but for completeness I mention here some of the most important modern sources of lute music:


Sarge Gerbode’s Accessible Lute Music site and the Musick’s Handmade site are accumulating growing selections of lRenaissance ute manuscript facsimiles in addition to a wide range of modern tablature transcriptions. Wayne Cripps’ site is another large source and collections of baroque lute music can be found on Jean-Daniel Forget and Richard Civiol’s sites. Other online sources can be found in the links pages. Most of these sites offer downloads in a variety of formats including MIDI. Other sources of modern tablature editions include the UK Lute Society, the Lute Society of America and the Dutch Lute Society.


Much the best overview of English Lute manuscripts is given by Julia Craig-McFeely’s work English Lute Manuscripts and Scribes 1530 - 1630 Craig-McFeely (2000). Many libraries that hold lute manuscripts are making their collections available online, so an increasing number of lute manuscripts can be found online.

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