During 2011 and 2012 I completed a Masters degree in music with the Open University. The academic work for this course included the requirement to write a 5,000 word project (which I did in 2011) and an 18,000 word dissertation during 2012. I used this opportunity to research topics in 16th and 17th century English music that are of direct relevance to some of the music I have arranged (and will arrange) for this site. Both of these essays were marked very favourably by the examiners and I have therefore decided to publish them here.

1) The 5,000 word project is entitled:

John Dowland, John Danyel, Daniel Bacheler; the Issue of Attribution in Golden Age English Lute Music

In this essay I consider how we identify (and to what extent we can accurately attribute) authorship of lute music in English manuscript sources, considering especially the musicians John Dowland, John Danyel and Daniel Bacheler and referring particularly to the Matthew Holmes manuscript
CUL Dd.2.11 and to the Cherbury Lute Book.

2) The dissertation is entitled:

The English Solo Lyra Viol: A 21st Century Perspective on a 17th Century Musical Instrument

In this work I comment in detail on the instrument, its history, the music written for it, the musicians associated with it and I reflect on modern performance of its music, including its arrangement for the guitar.

These essays can be found in pdf format here:

Attribution in Golden Age English Lute Music

The English Solo Lyra Viol

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