Duets - Tobias Hume

...originally written for Lyra Viols, arranged for guitars
Tobias Hume
English composer and viol player (c1579-1645). A professional soldier who served as an officer in the Swedish and Russian armies and a viol player published two important volumes of music, principally for the Lyra Viol. [More about…… ] The following pieces are some of Hume’s Lyra Viol duets:

Music and Mirth

The Princes Almayne [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]
Subtitled: "Invention for Two to Play upon one Viole”.

The Spirit of Musicke [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

The Duke of Holstone's Delight [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]
As explained
on the Lyra Viol solo page, this title possibly refers to the Duke of Holstein (better known as King Christian IV of Denmark)

Touch Me Sweetly [PDF] [MIDI] [XML]

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